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Popular Beach In Mykonos

In accordance with its location in the archipelago, of course one of the biggest attractions of Mykonos Island lies in its beaches, which have bright blue water and provide a sensation of relaxation for visitors who have the opportunity to visit this area. In total there are about 25 beaches in Mykonos, all of which are beautifully arranged and eye-catching. However, in this discussion, we will only present a few of them.

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The most popular beach in Mykonos. Located 4 km south of the capital, from where the bus leaves for the beach every 20 minutes, the fare is 1.40 euros. The lounge chairs here have superior comfort (rent – 6 euros each), plenty of bars and restaurants.

However, it is not the fine sand and clear water that are the main advantages of this beach. Paradise is the ultimate hangout for Mykonos.

DJs play here from late afternoon to early morning. Some beaches are reserved for nudists, it is not forbidden to sunbathe topless on the main beach.

Super Heaven

The beach 6 km from Mykonos town is a little smaller than its counterpart, but the essence is the same – it’s a disco place until the morning. True, it is here that there are unofficial resting places for people of non-traditional sexual orientation, and there are nudists too. The easiest way to reach this beach is by boat for 6 euros from the bays of Ornos and Platis Yialos. The price for a pair of sun loungers with an umbrella is quite high – 12-15 euros per day.
The bus departs from the city bus station, the fare is 1.70 euros.


Elijah Beach is arguably not only the longest, but also the most beautiful beach on the island of Mykonos. There is a very good base here when entering the water. In general, Elijah has coarse yellow sand, but in some places there is large gravel, especially at the water’s edge. Buses always run here, although very rarely. The ticket price is about 2 euros. Buses leave from the station in the old port area.

Elijah is a very clean yet lively beach (although Paradise is even more touristy). Nearby you can find parking and restaurants. To enter, two sun loungers and an umbrella you have to pay 25 euros. Guests can enjoy light meals at the beach restaurant. There is a service of picking up food and drinks from the establishment. The food is varied and delicious. The sea and sand are very clean.

At Elia’s furthest end is a nudist area where gays and swimmers come to sunbathe. Snacks, water and alcohol are of course too expensive, but this is due to a lack of competition. All in all – nice beach not crowded.


Psarou Mykonos

Near the town of Platis Yialos, 4 km from Chora, there is the island’s only beach, where sunbeds must be reserved for the day in advance through your hotel.

If you don’t do this, you will have to line up for people who want to relax in this fashionable place.

Diving is very popular. A set of sun loungers, umbrellas and beach towels for rent costs 25 euros.


Sandy beach for those who want silence even in Mykonos.

It is located 6 km from the capital on the north coast of the island.

You can reach it only by taxi or rental car, but due to its privacy, the beach is almost always half empty, with only a few bars and taverns.

In addition to those listed, there are about a dozen more beautiful beaches on Mykonos – from those that are completely wild and hidden from prying eyes to those that are popular and crowded with people.

In them, as in the streets and in the clubs of this city, you can meet very different, unusual and unusual people of different nationalities and preferences. They are the ones who create the unique taste and atmosphere of this island.

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis

Quite a secluded beach, far from the main Mykonos tourist route. Unlike the big beaches, Agios Sostis isn’t crammed with the trestle beds of coastal cafes and bars, and there’s no stand alone on the beach. There are no sun loungers, umbrellas or restaurants (there is only one tavern, but not the beach itself, but a little higher).

An excellent place to rest for the “savage”. One of the best northern beaches on the island, which will make you feel completely at one with nature. The sea is calm despite the wind. It takes about fifteen minutes to go from the city.

Patis Gialos

One of the most magnificent beaches in Mykonos. There is an impression that couples who are used to luxury like to relax here. There are quite a number of cafes and restaurants here. The Greek island of Mykonos attracts many tourists because it is a great vacation spot. If you have the strength to get up before dawn, you can swim in the warm sea alone.

Fine yellow sand, clear water, shops and bars nearby – what more do you need? Everyone here breathes comfortably. At Platis Yialos, Wi-Fi is available in the sun loungers area, you can bring food-to-go.

Nice wide sandy path, going gently into the water. The only drawback is that there is no free zone, so those arriving with their own towels are placed in front of the first row of sunbeds. By the way, sun beds are paid for about 6-7 euros. Boats depart from here to other beaches in the southern part of the island. On the downside, there are lots of black leather dealers here selling fake Rolex and Louis Vuitton leather bags.

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