Casino Hotel in Mykonos 

Mykonos, an iconic island in the Aegean Sea, is renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and captivating heritage. Over the years, Mykonos has also become a hub for luxury travelers seeking a mix of excitement and relaxation. One of the emerging trends in Mykonos’s hospitality sector is the rise of casino hotels. Combining luxurious accommodations with top-tier casino experiences, these establishments cater to guests who love the thrill of the game. Here are some of the best casino hotels in Mykonos:

Mykonos Grand Casino Resort & Spa

Mykonos Grand Casino Resort & Spa

Overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean, the Mykonos Grand Casino Resort & Spa promises an unparalleled experience. The rooms and suites are exquisitely designed, echoing Grecian grandeur. The casino boasts a vast selection of games, from classic slot machines to high-stakes poker tables. Guests can also unwind at the world-class spa after an evening at the tables.

Aegean Royale Casino Hotel

Aegean Royale Casino Hotel

Situated in the heart of Mykonos town, the Aegean Royale offers both proximity to the island’s attractions and a secluded oasis for its guests. Pengertian casino hotel is a blend of modern design and traditional touches, providing a unique gaming environment. The rooftop restaurant, offering panoramic views of the island, is a must-visit.

Platinum Casino Villa

Platinum Casino Villa

For those seeking a more intimate experience, the Platinum Casino Villa provides a boutique hotel feel with the thrill of a casino. Limited to a few rooms, the villa ensures privacy and personalized service. The in-house casino, although smaller, offers a curated gaming experience with private gaming rooms for VIP guests.

Mykonos Palace Casino Hotel

Reflecting the island’s rich history, the Mykonos Palace Casino Hotel is a blend of classic Greek architecture and modern luxury. The expansive casino floor is adorned with intricate mosaics and art pieces, transporting guests to another era. With an array of dining options and entertainment shows, guests are guaranteed a memorable stay.

Horizon Blue Casino Retreat

Horizon Blu Casino Retreat

Nestled on the quieter side of Mykonos, the Horizon Blue offers a serene escape for its guests. The hotel’s contemporary design is complemented by the state-of-the-art casino, which focuses on digital gaming experiences. Their infinity pool, overlooking the sea, is the perfect place to relax after a night of gaming.


Mykonos, while primarily known for its beaches and nightlife, has emerged as a destination for casino enthusiasts. These casino hotels not only offer top-notch gaming experiences but also embody the essence of luxury and Grecian elegance. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or just seeking a novel experience, these establishments in Mykonos will undoubtedly cater to your desires.

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Education in Mykonos

Greece has a long history of education, with a rich tradition that dates back to ancient times. The modern Greek education system is a direct descendant of this heritage, with its structure and philosophy deeply rooted in its historical past. The island of Mykonos, part of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, is no exception to this tradition.

On the island of Mykonos, education is highly valued, and the school system mirrors the rest of Greece. Education in Greece is divided into three main stages: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Compulsory education covers the first nine years of schooling, which includes primary school and the first three years of secondary school.

Primary Education

Primary education in Mykonos begins at the age of six and lasts for six years. Pupils receive instruction in subjects such as Greek language, mathematics, environmental studies, physical education, and arts. An emphasis is placed on developing fundamental skills and fostering creativity.

Secondary Education

After completing primary education, students move on to secondary education, which is divided into two stages – Gymnasium (lower secondary) and Lyceum (upper secondary). Gymnasium covers three years and focuses on a general curriculum. The Lyceum, also lasting three years, allows students to choose between a general or vocational track. In Mykonos, schools typically offer the general track, with a focus on preparing students for university.

Tertiary Education

After completing secondary education, students have the option to pursue higher education at universities or technological institutions. Admission to these institutions is based on a national entrance examination. While Mykonos does not have its own university, many students from the island go to Athens or other cities in Greece to pursue their tertiary education.

Mykonos is also unique in its promotion of traditional Greek culture within the education system. Schools on the island often incorporate Greek traditions, folklore, and history into their curriculum. This approach not only preserves the rich cultural heritage of the island but also instills a sense of pride and identity among the students.

In recent years, Mykonos has seen an increase in tourism, which has had a direct impact on education. As the island becomes more international, schools have started offering courses in foreign languages and incorporating technology into the classroom. This enables students to develop skills that are relevant to the evolving global economy.

In conclusion, the education system in Mykonos reflects Greece’s deep-rooted educational traditions while adapting to the changing needs of the island. By balancing tradition with modernity, Mykonos provides its students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century.

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Mykonos: A Grecian Island of Enchanting Allure

Greece, renowned for its myriad islands, has gems that each tell their own story. While every island has its allure, some stand out with praise echoing far and wide. From their beaches to their vibrant communities and coastal towns, the Mediterranean charm of these islands often captivates travelers, making many wish they never had to leave. Today, we set our sights on one such jewel: the island of Mykonos.

Situated amidst the azure Mediterranean waters, Mykonos is a haven of unparalleled beauty. Known for its breathtaking coastal views, pristine beaches, and turquoise waters, this island offers an authentic Grecian experience.

Whitewashed Homes of Mykonos

Being a part of the famous Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos epitomizes the quintessential Greek island lifestyle. A must-do for every traveler here is wandering through the white-washed alleyways of the old town. With maze-like streets lined with white houses adorned with colorful balconies and vibrant flowers, one can’t help but get lost in the island’s beauty, capturing countless photographs along the way. Additionally, shopping enthusiasts can explore numerous local artisans and famed boutiques, as Mykonos is a major tourist hotspot.

Greece’s Own Little Venice

Greece's Own Little Venice

Another picturesque attraction on the island is ‘Little Venice’. Located on the island’s lower end, this area boasts houses constructed over the water, reminiscent of Venice. Known locally as Alevkandra, these 17th-century homes, with their colorful balconies and white facades, once stored pirate loot. Now, they’re bustling spots with some of the best bars offering magnificent views. While accommodations here come with a premium price tag due to their popularity, the bohemian vibe, thanks to the artists that have settled here, is palpable and worth every penny.

The Windmills of Mykonos

One can’t visit Mykonos without witnessing its iconic white windmills. Found primarily in the Chora region and the town of Ano Mero, these windmills offer a panoramic view of the sea. Some have been restored and transformed into museums, offering a glimpse of Mykonos’s rich past.

Museums and Archaeological Relics

Museums and Archaeological Relics Mykonos

Konos isn’t just about beauty; it’s steeped in history. The island houses numerous churches, monasteries, and museums. Not to be missed is the nearby island of Delos, easily accessible by boat from Mykonos’s harbor. This UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its archaeological significance, houses treasures like the Lion Street and Temple of Apollo.

Beaches and Parties in Mykonos

While Mykonos offers a wealth of cultural experiences, many flock to the island for two primary reasons: its pristine beaches and electrifying nightlife. Much like Ibiza, Mykonos appeals to the younger crowd with beaches that transform into party hubs by night. Most of the nightlife is centered in the capital, Chora. However, places like Paradise Beach, located 6 kilometers from the capital, turn into full-blown open-air discos come evening.

In conclusion, Mykonos is a blend of historical charm and modern-day vibrancy, promising an unforgettable Mediterranean experience.

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In recent years, it seems that vacationing is no longer a tertiary need for Indonesian people. Many consider it a secondary need and not even a few have considered it a primary need.

The increasing number of people’s income and purchasing power, the large number of young people, and the increasingly massive use of digital technology are considered as some of the factors that drive this.

A survey conducted by Femina and PeluitPanjang online to 100 respondents in August 2017 shows that traveling (traveling) ranks second after eating out as the largest expense in the last year of respondents with a percentage reaching 24%.

The survey is consistent with the results of a study released by Nielsen at the end of 2018 regarding Indonesian consumers in the third quarter of 2018, where 32 percent of respondents stated that they chose to take a vacation to use the remaining funds after meeting their main living needs.

If in 2013 there were 6.9 million outbound trips made by the Indonesian people, then in 2021 this number is predicted to increase 1.5 times to reach 10.6 million outbound trips.

Which country is the favorite destination of the Indonesian people? As reported by Viva, countries in Europe are places that many Indonesian people dream of visiting and in the future the trend of vacationing in Europe will lead to Greece.
Then what preparations do you need to do if you want to vacation in Greece, so that your vacation can be fun?.

  • Decide when to go on vacation

This is very important as the first step when you want to vacation in Greece, which is a country of 4 seasons. When you come, among other things, will determine the type and amount of clothing you need to bring, the price and availability of transportation and accommodation, and good tourist destinations to visit.

In my opinion, the best time for Indonesian tourists to visit Greece is between April-June and September-October, so they can avoid summer and winter holidays. Summer is the peak of holidays in Greece where prices and availability of accommodation and transportation are usually higher.

  • Prepare the necessary travel documents

There are several travel documents that need to be prepared, the most important of which are passports and visas. The passport used should be valid for at least 6 months. Meanwhile, there are 2 types of visas, namely national and Schengen. For more information on visas, see here.

Having travel insurance is also a good thing to anticipate if things happen that are not desirable. In addition, it is also a good idea to bring a driving license and an international driver’s license.

  • Book transportation and accommodation tickets now

At certain times, for example during the summer months, finding transport tickets and accommodation in Greece can be a challenge. In addition to the more expensive price, sometimes it is also not available. So, it is not a bad idea to immediately book accommodation and transportation tickets.

There are many types of accommodation in Greece, ranging from star hotels to hostels, backpack inns, and apartments. The location also varies. In Athens, for example, you can choose accommodations that are close to the city center (eg Plaka, Omonia, and Kolonaki areas), beaches (eg Glyfada and Varkiza), or those that are relatively far away but have easy transportation access to the city center (eg Agia Paraskevi, Marousi , and Chalandri).

As for transportation, there are quite a number of flight options from Jakarta. On average, these flights transit once, for example in Singapore, Dubai, or Istanbul. For domestic flights in Greece, there are also many choices, such as Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air, and Ryanair.

One of the attractions of Greece is its beautiful islands. Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos for example. To get there you can use a boat whose tickets can be purchased at various travel agency offices that are widely available in the center of Athens or online, for example through or

For transportation in Athens, you can use taxis, trains, or buses. More information about transportation in Athens can be found here and here. You can also rent a car, for example through,, or

  • Prepare sufficient funds

Greece uses the Euro currency and there are many money changers in Greece, especially in big cities, such as Athens and Thessaloniki. However, the money changer does not accept rupiah. So, prepare funds in the form of enough euros for your needs while in Greece.

When compared to Western Europe and Northern Europe, Greece’s cost of living is cheaper. Just in case, it’s a good idea to bring a debit card and/or credit card with you.

  • Record important numbers in Greek

Write down important numbers during your visit to Greece, both on your mobile phone and in your book. Some important telephone numbers, including: the hotline of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Athens (+30 694 646 0015), emergency (112), police (100), fire department (199), lodging, travel agencies, and car rental .

  • Download the handy mobile app and prepare your internet needs

Take advantage of advances in technology to make your visit to Greece more enjoyable and easy. There are several useful applications, such as Safe Travel (this application created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia contains practical information needed by Indonesian citizens who will or are currently abroad for various purposes).

Then what about the flight schedule? Don’t worry, you can check ATH Airport (the official application for Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, Athens, which provides various information related to the airport including flight arrival and departure schedules in real time)
Regarding transportation, there are OASA Telematics applications (bus routes and schedules in Athens), ATH.ENA Card (application for public transportation cards in Athens), Moovit (public transportation routes and schedules), and Athens Transporartion (public transportation information in Athens).

To be able to use the mobile application, of course, requires an internet network. So, before leaving, don’t forget to subscribe to an international roaming package if you decide to keep using an Indonesian operator. However, if you decide to use an operator in Greece, there are several operator options, such as Vodafone, Cosmote, and Wind.

You can buy a sim card at operator outlets, operator marketing staff selling on the street, or gadget shops like Germanos. Don’t forget to bring your passport when you buy a Greek sim card.

  • Take care of your health and prepare clothes and other necessities according to the season

Always take care of your health and go to Greece in a fit condition. Greece has 4 seasons and generally has a dry climate, in contrast to Indonesia, which has a humid climate.

In general, summers in Greece can reach 38°C, while winters in Greece can reach 0°C. In Athens itself it rarely snows in winter. Therefore, prepare clothes and other necessities such as shoes according to the season and check weather information providers’ sites to get an overview of the weather while you are there.

Thus 7 preparations you need to do if you want to travel to Greece. Happy holidays!

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Popular Beach In Mykonos

In accordance with its location in the archipelago, of course one of the biggest attractions of Mykonos Island lies in its beaches, which have bright blue water and provide a sensation of relaxation for visitors who have the opportunity to visit this area. In total there are about 25 beaches in Mykonos, all of which are beautifully arranged and eye-catching. However, in this discussion, we will only present a few of them.

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The most popular beach in Mykonos. Located 4 km south of the capital, from where the bus leaves for the beach every 20 minutes, the fare is 1.40 euros. The lounge chairs here have superior comfort (rent – 6 euros each), plenty of bars and restaurants.

However, it is not the fine sand and clear water that are the main advantages of this beach. Paradise is the ultimate hangout for Mykonos.

DJs play here from late afternoon to early morning. Some beaches are reserved for nudists, it is not forbidden to sunbathe topless on the main beach.

Super Heaven

The beach 6 km from Mykonos town is a little smaller than its counterpart, but the essence is the same – it’s a disco place until the morning. True, it is here that there are unofficial resting places for people of non-traditional sexual orientation, and there are nudists too. The easiest way to reach this beach is by boat for 6 euros from the bays of Ornos and Platis Yialos. The price for a pair of sun loungers with an umbrella is quite high – 12-15 euros per day.
The bus departs from the city bus station, the fare is 1.70 euros.


Elijah Beach is arguably not only the longest, but also the most beautiful beach on the island of Mykonos. There is a very good base here when entering the water. In general, Elijah has coarse yellow sand, but in some places there is large gravel, especially at the water’s edge. Buses always run here, although very rarely. The ticket price is about 2 euros. Buses leave from the station in the old port area.

Elijah is a very clean yet lively beach (although Paradise is even more touristy). Nearby you can find parking and restaurants. To enter, two sun loungers and an umbrella you have to pay 25 euros. Guests can enjoy light meals at the beach restaurant. There is a service of picking up food and drinks from the establishment. The food is varied and delicious. The sea and sand are very clean.

At Elia’s furthest end is a nudist area where gays and swimmers come to sunbathe. Snacks, water and alcohol are of course too expensive, but this is due to a lack of competition. All in all – nice beach not crowded.


Psarou Mykonos

Near the town of Platis Yialos, 4 km from Chora, there is the island’s only beach, where sunbeds must be reserved for the day in advance through your hotel.

If you don’t do this, you will have to line up for people who want to relax in this fashionable place.

Diving is very popular. A set of sun loungers, umbrellas and beach towels for rent costs 25 euros.


Sandy beach for those who want silence even in Mykonos.

It is located 6 km from the capital on the north coast of the island.

You can reach it only by taxi or rental car, but due to its privacy, the beach is almost always half empty, with only a few bars and taverns.

In addition to those listed, there are about a dozen more beautiful beaches on Mykonos – from those that are completely wild and hidden from prying eyes to those that are popular and crowded with people.

In them, as in the streets and in the clubs of this city, you can meet very different, unusual and unusual people of different nationalities and preferences. They are the ones who create the unique taste and atmosphere of this island.

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis

Quite a secluded beach, far from the main Mykonos tourist route. Unlike the big beaches, Agios Sostis isn’t crammed with the trestle beds of coastal cafes and bars, and there’s no stand alone on the beach. There are no sun loungers, umbrellas or restaurants (there is only one tavern, but not the beach itself, but a little higher).

An excellent place to rest for the “savage”. One of the best northern beaches on the island, which will make you feel completely at one with nature. The sea is calm despite the wind. It takes about fifteen minutes to go from the city.

Patis Gialos

One of the most magnificent beaches in Mykonos. There is an impression that couples who are used to luxury like to relax here. There are quite a number of cafes and restaurants here. The Greek island of Mykonos attracts many tourists because it is a great vacation spot. If you have the strength to get up before dawn, you can swim in the warm sea alone.

Fine yellow sand, clear water, shops and bars nearby – what more do you need? Everyone here breathes comfortably. At Platis Yialos, Wi-Fi is available in the sun loungers area, you can bring food-to-go.

Nice wide sandy path, going gently into the water. The only drawback is that there is no free zone, so those arriving with their own towels are placed in front of the first row of sunbeds. By the way, sun beds are paid for about 6-7 euros. Boats depart from here to other beaches in the southern part of the island. On the downside, there are lots of black leather dealers here selling fake Rolex and Louis Vuitton leather bags.

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Mykonos Island Capital Destinations

The city of Mykonos (or other names: Chora) is a tourist attraction in itself. The maze of streets (and this is not a metaphor, they are supposed to protect the population from pirates) amaze with their white and beautiful, narrow cobbled streets.
The city is faithful to the traditions of Cycladic architecture and carefully preserves them, despite the rapid development of tourist infrastructure.
Expensive fishing boats and yachts look organic in the harbor, creating a harmonious and unique ensemble.

The city’s main shopping street is called Matoyanni, where you can shop in fashion stores and find souvenirs for every taste and wallet: handcrafted rugs, jewellery, hand-embroidered clothing based on local motifs and much more.

In the capital, the must-sees:

Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church

In total, in small Mykonos, according to islanders, there are 365 churches, there are several large active monasteries.

Church of the Mother of God Paraportiani- the most famous temple on the island, which is also its symbol. The white hermit building, built in the 13th century at the exit of the ancient fortress, amazes with its architecture and serenity. This church is located next to the port of Hora, in the Castro area.

Monastery of the Virgin Mary- a very beautiful monastery, its marble tower visible from afar, inside you can see ancient Byzantine icons. The monastery is also located in the capital of the island.

Monastery of Panagia Tourliani- an ancient monastery located in the center of Mykonos near the village of Ano Mera. It is distinguished by the extraordinary beauty of the interior decoration, for example, the carved iconostasis was created by the Florentines in 1775.

Travel to Ancient Delos

Ancient Delos

Not far from Mykonos is the uninhabited island of Delos, which at one time played a decisive role in the development of all the islands of the Cyclades and was its center.

Delos is a museum island. Traces of the Aegean civilization have been preserved here; most of the island is occupied by the ruins of an ancient city and a well-preserved amphitheater.

Delos is considered the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, which is now protected by UNESCO.

There are several ways to get to this open-air museum:

With sightseeing… Tours to Delos are sold in almost every hotel, costing around 40 euros. There is no Russian speaking guide. The excursion will last 5-6 hours.

By water taxi from Mykonos beach to Delos beach. It costs 25-30 euros.

On the ferry ferry… Every day, every hour, the boat leaves for Delos, the ticket costs 15 euros. Plus 5 euros – the cost of entering the Temple of Apollo, if you go without a tour. The last ferry returns at 15.00.

What and How Much Do They Eat on The Island?

The abundance of a wide variety of fresh fish and seafood, as well as vegetables and fruits, always gives Greeks the opportunity to serve up interesting and delicious dishes.
Lunch in Greece usually starts with a light appetizer, followed by a meat or fish dish with a salad, and finally dessert.
There are mainly local varieties on the wine menu. Mykonos is no exception.

Prices in taverns on the island can be called moderate:

  • Greek salad – 5-6 euros;
  • Portion of spaghetti – 4-8 euros;
  • A bottle of beer – from 3 euros;
  • The famous Greek fish soup – 5 euros;
  • Greek coffee – 2 euros;
  • Moussaka – 6-8 euros;
  • Partially cooked seafood – from 12 euros;
  • Taramosalata or dzadzyki – 3 euros.
  • A cup of frappe in the suburbs can cost 2 euros, but in a bar in the center of the capital it can cost as much as 6 euros.

Once in Mykonos, be sure to try a local dish: Mykonos-style dry pork, prepared here according to an old recipe, draining the back of the sirloin with spices. Mykonos sausage is also prepared according to a similar recipe.
Local cheese – fried goat “saganaki” and goat or lamb with pepper – “kopanisti” – made by hand and only in Cyclades.
Mushrooms stuffed with vegetables and feta cheese at a local tavern deserve attention.

A delicious dinner for two with wine will cost you 50-55 euros here, but you can keep it at 35 if you don’t order seafood, which is more expensive here than meat, as, indeed, everywhere in Greece .

And of course, the incomparable Mykonos dessert: almond cake with powdered sugar “amygdalota” or sweet almond drink “sumada”.
To enjoy dessert, Greeks usually go to their favorite pastry shop.

Mykonos Club

After 12 p.m., the parties in the capital gained momentum and continued into the morning. Many gay clubs are concentrated in the square near the taxi stop: Ramrod, Argo Bar, Pierros Cafe, Babylon, Coffee Cat. Here you can watch lively drag shows with quality costumes and attractive appearances.

The nightlife bar tries to keep up with the club, inviting famous DJs and Hollywood celebrities.
Some are very popular. Right on Paradise Beach is the Cavo Paradiso club, which is one of the 10 most popular discos in the world. The club is located on the edge of a cliff in the open air. It hosts some of the most popular techno parties with stunning night ocean views.

Club Remezzo deserves the title of an elite institution, where celebrities and VIPs often come to spend their time in disguise.
One of the biggest is the nightclub Space Mykonos Xperience, which focuses less on the environment but on attracting popular DJs and top dancers. For this reason, there are almost never empty seats – young people dance tirelessly until the morning.

Prices at this place are above average. Drinks and cocktails are expensive – Long Island, Mojito and others – from 11 to 18-22 euros, but it can be noted that they are made of high quality, not sparing of the alcoholic component, 100 grams.

Constant competition forces nightclubs to turn on their lights every night, coming up with more and more new ways to attract visitors.

Sunset at Fanari Lighthouse. The lighthouse stands on a rock and offers beautiful sea views from here. This magical place is located 6 km from Mykonos. It can only be reached by taxi or rental car.

Kedai Fokos- an authentic and somewhat hermit place on the bay of the same name on a wild beach. Here you’ll find fish you’ve just caught, and seasoned tourists compliment the traditional island dishes (for example, Mykonos ham) that the tavern chefs bring out. Dinner with wine will cost about 80 euros for two.

Horse tours along the island’s most beautiful spots and deserted beaches. Cost – from 65 euros per person.

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Best Hotel in Mykonos

Mykonos is the most expensive holiday in Greece and one of the most expensive in Europe. And if the usual two-star hotels here are often little more than “two-star”, then many 5* hotels are always “more”: more upscale, more stylish, over priced.

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5 Star Mykonos Hotels

Grecotel Mykonos Blu Exclusive Resort

  • Myconian Ambassador Hotel

Myconian Ambassador Hotel

  • Mykonian Kingdom

Mykonian Kingdom

  • Hotel Myconian K & Spa Thalassa

Hotel Myconian K & Spa Thalassa

All of these hotels are located on the outskirts of the island’s capital city – Mykonos town on the island’s south coast, which is considered the best for a beach holiday. To summarize, with an unconditionally excellent location, stylish interiors from famous designers and the highest level of service, hotels of the “highest” category in Mykonos have general parameters:

  1. Room area from 20 sq. m. and can reach up to 150 sq. m.(with its own pool, for example);
  2. Free transfer from the airport and back in a luxury car or a comfortable bus;
  3. Most rooms have a jacuzzi in the bathroom or on the veranda;
  4. The hotel has its own beach, the sea is usually within walking distance;
  5. Services such as the provision of safes, wi-fi, free mini-bars for guests;
  6. Hotels in this category operate on a “breakfast only” or “half-meal” system (as an option – “half-meal a la carte”);
  7. The hotel structure includes an international spa center and thalassa center;
  8. No Russian tourists in these hotels, exceptions just confirm the rules.

The cost of accommodation in these hotels can not always be found on popular online booking sites, because, as a rule, there are no free rooms already six months before the start of the season. However, the order of prices is approximately as follows: for a family of two, a week in a luxury hotel will cost from 140 thousand rubles for the simplest accommodation.

Royal Mykonian 5*+ hotel review: “Everything is at the highest level. Room cleaned twice a day, then towels changed. The choice of food for breakfast is very much, everything is fresh and tasty. There is a free bus from the hotel into town every half hour, very convenient. During my stay from Russia, I was alone there, mostly rich Italians and Greeks rested in hotels ”. (Polina, Moscow)

4 & 3 Star Mykonos Hotels

The slightly lower-end hotels in Mykonos are always almost as cool, they just have slightly simpler rooms, less extra services and they are located not on the beach, but a little further away.

  • Mykonos Ammo

This boutique hotel is located on the shores of Ornos Bay, 3 km from the island’s capital. Some rooms have direct access to the beach. Of the hotel’s undoubted advantages:

  1. Balcony with beautiful view in all rooms;
  2. Free wifi;
  3. Transfer to and from the airport.

The hotel is very small, only 42 rooms, quiet and comfortable, with a beautiful area and a small pool. It is not recommended for families with children to relax here, as there are only paid nannies on request from the service for toddlers. A family of two can spend a week in this hotel in the summer for an amount from 100 to 200 thousand rubles.

  • Kouros

This new hotel is literally a five minute drive from Mykonos airport, built in the traditional island style: small white buildings with flat roofs and blue shutters.

Their interiors are also designed in the same restrained chic style.

Kouros offers guest-only suites and apartments.

In the room:

  1. Kitchen and living room;
  2. Balcony overlooking the sea;
  3. Free service all the time.

You can also use the local gym. There is no infrastructure for children. The sandy beach is one kilometer from the hotel. A week of living for two in Kouros starts from 120 thousand rubles and can go up, depending on the room, up to 250 thousand.

Reviews of hotel Kouros: “Cozy hotel with pleasant interior. The staff is very polite. We only took breakfast, amazed at the choice, even a delicious salad was served. Transfers from the airport and back are free, they can even take you downtown for a “thank you”. (Ilya, St. Petersburg)

  • Poseidon Hotel

Several tourists from different countries wrote in their reviews that this hotel deserves 5 stars. Located almost in the center of Mykonos city, which is very convenient for lovers of night and nightlife, but there is one drawback – the two beautiful beaches are both far away, the beach near the hotel is not the best on the island. Further – only pros:

  1. Spacious rooms;
  2. Free transfers;
  3. Free wifi;
  4. Delicious food;
  5. High level service, friendly staff.

Accommodation in August in this small cozy hotel will cost the couple about 80 thousand rubles per week.

Reviews of Poseidon Hotel – Suite: “Nice hotel with a very strategic location. Staff, food, cleaning – everything for five plus plus. I recommend renting a scooter from the hotel to get to the beautiful Paradise Beach, it only costs 10 euros per day. (Andrey, Pskov).

2 Star Mykonos Hotels

  • Adonis

This hotel has been welcoming guests in any season since 1970, a few kilometers from the capital city.

For the optimal ratio of quality and price, it is preferred by tourists, including Russians. Adonis 2* is a traditional island hotel in every way: small in size, with spacious rooms, built in Mykonos signature white and blue colours.

Despite being a small “two star”, this hotel ranks very high in online booking services. For a week of staying in Adonis 2 *, a married couple will have to pay from 65 thousand rubles.

Adonis hotel review 2*: “Very comfortable atmosphere in the hotel, almost like family. Every guest is treated as the only one here. Located almost in the city center, but the noise and music is not heard at night. Next to the hotel there is a bus stop, you can go anywhere.” (Alisa, Nefteyugansk).

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History of Mykonos


If you go downhill skiing in the Alps in the winter, and cruises in the summer, and generally prefer European luxury, then the island resort of Mykonos is your choice. The beach vacation here is one of the most expensive in all of Europe, there are more “vip” and “luxury” hotels than the neighboring islands combined. On the island’s narrow streets or in its many restaurants, you can meet world celebrities – from European politicians to American actors. And all because Mykonos is everything by the definition of “super”: nature, climate, sea and relaxation.

Mykonos is a liberated Greek island

Mykonos appears in ancient Greek mythology. Apollo’s son was named Mykonos, he was a noble hero, and the island in the middle of the Aegean Sea was named in honor of him. Legend has it that many monsters lived on the island, but it was destroyed by Hercules and frozen forever in the form of a strangely shaped large rock.

The official history of Mykonos corresponds to the general history of Greece. Archaeologists have discovered that the island was already inhabited in the 3rd millennium BC. The Calesans originally settled here, but only at the beginning of the 11th century. BC e. The indigenous people were overthrown by the Ionians. Like all ancient Hellas, Mykonos was part of the Roman Empire, which was under Venetian rule in the 12th century and was conquered by the Ottoman Empire 300 years later. The Ottoman Empire remained under its yoke until the early 19th century.

In 1830, the island became independent as part of Greece. In a distressed history, Mikonos was not distinguished by wealth and the inhabitants were mainly engaged in agriculture, but by the beginning of the last century, shipping and trade had already developed here and the hotel business had developed. started. Unfortunately, the island was looted during World War I and lost most of its inhabitants-they sought a job on the mainland. But in the middle of the last century, creative intellectuals began to visit Mikonos for inspiration and evacuation from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Famous painters, artists and sculptors stayed throughout the summer, followed by European higher societies, businessmen and big merchants. Life and tranquility here gradually begin to bring complete and forgiving freedom. The island soon opened with expensive hotels and villas, the most popular brand stores and the best chain stores in Europe. This is how Mikonos gained his own “bohemian image”. He is still attracting people from all over the world today.

Mykonos Today

Located at the junction of the main sea routes of the Aegean Sea, these are the most famous of the Cyclades islands. The coastline is about 90 km. The area of ​​this island is 85.5 km2. You can get around by bus, but they run every half hour. Taxis are scarce and it is often a problem to take a taxi, so it is better to walk for short distances. Most island guests prefer to rent a scooter, motorbike or ATV (20-25 euros per day). The main resort of Mykonos is located on the south coast: 2 km from the capital city – Ornos, 3 km from Agios Iannis. Platis Yialos and Psarou – 3.5 km, Paranga – 5 km, Heaven – 6 km, Super Heaven – 7 km, Agrarian – 10 km, Elijah – 10.5 km. There are almost always strong winds on the north coast, and the beaches attract most windsurfing enthusiasts.

Weather in Mykonos

Mykonos is called the “island of the four seasons” because you can visit it in any season. The climate here is so cool and dry that in winter it is good to walk in solitude and admire the scenery, in early spring and late autumn – to see the sights, and from April to October – to sunbathe, swim and have fun. January’s average temperature is only a few degrees from April’s. The beach season in Mykonos opens in late April and ends in October. The average temperatures during this period are as follows:

April: noon +18, night +11, sea +19;

May: noon +23, night +14, sea +19;

June: noon +24, night +18, sea +22;

July: noon +30, night +21, sea +24;

August: noon +29, night +21, sea +24;

September: noon +27, night +18, sea +24;

October: +22, night +15, sea +22.

Despite the high temperatures in the summer months and the island’s almost complete absence of groves and forests that provide shade, Mykonos does not heat up due to the strong cool breeze.

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Nikos Apartements Mykonos

Nikos Apartments

Welcome to Mykonos!

The following is one of the recommended apartments for you to live in while on vacation If you are in the coastal area of ​​Megali Ammos which is right on the western part of the island of Mykonos, then Nikos Apartments is a very suitable place to live. The architectural style is carried charmingly but still has a traditional feel Hotel Nikos offers 3 main types of facilities provided for each of the 15 apartments. This facility is an attraction that is in great demand by visitors, especially for the Megali Ammos Hotel area. Talking about location, Nikos Apartement has a very strategic location because it is close to the city of VistaMykonos. Later you can easily find various places you need. Starting from entertainment venues, luxurious dining venues, and knick-knacks. Also enjoy a leisurely stroll among the beautiful houses on the island of Mykonos. During the holiday season, usually Nikos Apartments in Megali Ammos can accommodate up to 4 people per room. You don’t need to worry because all Nikos Apartments are equipped with air conditioning, besides that there is a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea from the veranda and includes:

  • Private bathroom
  • Kitchen with all necessary utensils
  • A refrigerator
  • Satellite TV
  • Safe storage box

Facilities & Services

If you stay at Apartments Nikos, you will be able to experience complete facilities and useful services. Thus you will be relaxed and fun while on vacation, as for some of the facilities in question such as:

  • Parking lot
  • Car rental services *
  • Housekeeping service
  • Transportation from/to port/airport

(* = additional cost)

From Apartments Nikos in Megali Ammos, Mykonos Greece, the following destinations can be easily accessed:

  • Mykonos Airport: 2 km
  • Mykonos Harbor: 1.5 km
  • Mykonos Town: 800 m
  • Beach: 200 m

Official Price List

Type of Accommodation Low Season High Season Peak Season
Apartment (2 pax) € 40 € 65 € 100
Apartment (3 pax) € 60 € 90 € 130
Apartment (4 pax) € 80 € 120 € 160
Apartment (5 pax) € 100 € 145 € 200
Apartment (6 pax) € 120 € 170 € 240
Apartment (7 pax) € 140 € 200 € 280
Apartment (8 pax) € 160 € 220 € 300

All prices above are in euros (€). To convert prices to other currencies, please click here.

  • Low Season: 15 May – 20 June & 11 – 30 September
  • High Season: 21 June – 18 July & 27 August – 10 September
  • Peak Season: 19 July – 26 August

Notes: All prices are per room, per night and include all taxes. In order to make a reservation at Nikos Apartments in Mykonos Town, Mykonos Greece, it is necessary that 20% of the total cost of your stay be prepaid.

Cancellation Policy

There are a few things to note if you want to cancel a reservation:

  • First is that if you cancel 23 days or more before the arrival date, the prepayment (DP) will be fully refunded.
  • Second is if you cancel 15 days to 22 days before the visitor’s arrival date, the advance payment or (DP) will be refunded in the amount of 50% of what has been paid.
  • Third, if you cancel 14 days or less before the arrival date, the prepayment will not be refunded or considered forfeited.

Location – Megali Ammos, Mykonos

Megali Ammos is a seaside area west of Mykonos, in the outskirts of Mykonos Town. It offers many options for accommodation by the sea and easy access to the beach, as the area possess a lovely stretch of sand and clean waters ideal for underwater fishing and swimming and is a great place to relax away from the crowd. Megali Ammos lies at a preferred location close to Mykonos Town allowing you to join the party atmosphere of the capital city, dine at lovely restaurants and take walks around the Mykonos Town attractions, such as the windmills and interesting museums.

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